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Gift card 50 €

50,00 €

You have two choices:

  • You can send your gift card to the recipient's email address :

To do this, please fill in the mandatory fields: "THE NAME OF THE BENEFICIARY" and "YOUR NAME"

You can also add a personalized message (optional) by filling in "ADD TEXT"

Then, just select "send by e-mail" and validate.

You will always be able to download the gift card if necessary.

  • You can download the map in PDF format :

This will allow you to be able to print it if you wish to hand deliver it.

You will also have to fill in the compulsory fields, then you will just have to select "download the PDF", then validate by clicking on "download".

By choosing this option, it will no longer be possible to send your gift e-card by e-mail.

Free delivery from 50€ onwards

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