On store-redskins.com you can pay with complete peace of mind using various 100% secure payment methods.

CIC You can pay via our 100% secure online payment system: CIC bank.
By choosing this payment method, you are redirected to the CIC bank's payment system. You pay with your payment card (Credit Card, Mastercard, Visa). During payment you are automatically redirected to the CIC site using an SSL security protocol. Your data is encrypted, making it unreadable by Redskins.

Payment by AVOIRS: You have already purchased on store-redskins.com and you have credit notes on your Redskins customer account, you can use it or them when validating your basket.

The FIANET Redskins Trusted Third Party is a partner of the FIANET trusted third party in order to guarantee transactions in full confidence and 100% secure.
On the one hand, FIANET guarantees the transactions of merchants through its scoring services to detect credit card fraud.
On the other hand, FIANET is 100% transparent on the quality of commercial sites in France. As a cyber buyer, you have access to:
- Has a number of elements on the identification of the site on which you order.
- To the performance of the online store in terms of customer satisfaction - To a declaration and dispute management service.