Never forget that leather leather is a living natural material.

The permanent search for new skins is one of our priorities and our rigorous selection is based on 3 essential elements: innovation, quality and comfort.
Thus, about twenty tanning operations were necessary to give this leather all its current qualities of resistance, authenticity and natural beauty.
The patina that it will take with time is quite normal and its wrinkles or natural marks, far from being imperfections, attest to its authenticity.
Scars, variations in color, folds ..., the small defects that will be added throughout its life will only accentuate the unique and sensual character of your Redskins leather.
For certain qualities, a "Vintage", "Used" or "Patina" spirit has been deliberately accentuated. However, to keep its appearance and suppleness for a long time, it needs regular care and attention.